Why another Jekyll Theme?


Since years I am programming and designing websites. I love to work with open source tools and learn via code from others. This time I want to try to give something back...

…and learn at the same time.

Feeling Responsive is my first theme which I let into the world. It’s built on work and knowledge of others. While I am still designing it, you read about whats behind this theme in the – hopefully – near future.



  • 网站的名称来源于作者的突发奇想,没有什么刻意的含义,因为作者的网络ID叫:糖果,所 以就把自己的博客命名为:糖果实验室。


  1. MoonScript中文
  2. 译启翻译
  3. OpenResty中文
  4. LUA.REN
  5. 糖果实验室
  6. OpenResty中国


  • 时不时的,会把一些有着实验室性质的项目放到的Github上,最近实践最的项目就关LUA与MoonScript 的项目,如下:
  1. Blues 是一个演示性的微型Lua WEB框架,用一些基础的代码,还产明LUA WEB的一些基本原理和某些实验性的想法。

  2. Fortress 这是一个简易GrayLog的REST API的封装,针对的GrayLog Stream查询业务实现的,用的是MoonScript语言实现的 并且基于OpenResty服务的Lua WEB框架Lapis,通过类似这些项目,展示的MoonScript在实际项目中的一些应用。

  3. Wario 一个基于Pipeline模式的OpenResty应用系统 Wario提供不同类型的OpenResty的LUA代码插件,可以在不是很了解OpenResty编写LUA代码的情况下,用现成的插件串接出你想要的功能。


  • Responsive Gallery, Videos, Grid, Typography,…
  • 100% GitHub Pages friendly
  • Easy editable navigation, footer and social media links
  • Language Ready – just translate one file.
  • Lots of possibilities to customize it to your needs
  • Lots of different headers
  • Various post formats to let your content shine
  • Uses Jekyll 3.0
  • Multiple possibilities to use images in different ways
  • Fine typography
  • Play Video and Audio with Mediaelement.js

I got inspired by…

Michael Rose and his fabulous themes for jekyll. Authors of A List Apart and Smashing Magazine since 2002. GitHub and how they built such a habitat for cooperation worldwide. Automattic and how they built a fantastic community around WordPress. And many, many more…

Please make Feeling Responsive yours and if you like it, please link back to my homebase Phlow. That would be awesome.

Since then, fork it!

Yours sincerelly, Moritz »mo.« Sauer