design – WEB安全与防护


Blog of Feeling Responsive 一般场景下我们会在内部部署蜜罐系统,当外部有渗透时,碰到蜜罐就会报警,蜜罐会去检索攻击源的位置,确定别攻击机器的IP端口,取得payload数据,配合IDS我们可以捕获事件的过程,然后采取对应防御措施。 阅读更多›

design – Video & Music Player

Play Audio & Video with media­element.js

Blog of Feeling Responsive Do you like music? Or are you a podcaster? Do you want to stream your videos in a nice player? Than you likely will like the integration of mediaelement.js. It enables you to play music and stream video in a consistent player that looks in each browser delicious. It even works in IE6-8. 阅读更多›

design · typography – Reading Experience

Wonderful Typography

Blog of Feeling Responsive Feeling Responsive uses Volkhov for headlines, Lato for everything else and if you are in need to show some code, it will be in Lucida Console or Monaco. 阅读更多›

design – Discussion

Now with Comments!

Blog of Feeling Responsive For a blog you need comments. Like all those other jekyll themes we baked in Disqus. It's easy to set, it works and makes a static jekyll blog more dynamic. 阅读更多›

design – Headers With Style

No Header

Feeling Responsive allows you to use all kinds of headers. This example shows no header at all. Just the navigation. 阅读更多›